Differentiating between a Fire Alarm Pull-Station and a Manual Call-Point

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A complete fire alarm system is the amalgamation of various modules, each with a significant role to play in ensuring the security and safety of the place where they are installed. One such key component is the fire alarm activation device, which can be either manual or automatic.  

Manual alarm activation demands human intervention. It enables one to raise the fire alarm manually in a particular area or zone in event of a fire incident alerting inhabitants for evacuation. Keeping that in mind, today we will distinguish between the two varieties of manual fire alarm activation devices, which are:

  • Fire alarm pull-station
  • Manual call point

Fire alarm pull-station VS Manual call point

The main difference between the both is, while a pull station is used prominently in the USA and Canada, manual call points are found across Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

The functional difference is in their pull-push mechanism, further explained below: 



The pull station alarm activation device comes with a lever that is pulled to raise the alarm during a fire incident. The pulling lever can either have a single or dual-action mechanism. For pull stations with dual action mechanisms, in most cases, the personnel are required to lift the plate or cover first and then pull down the lever.

Manual call-point is the standard device in Europe. It is made of plastic and has a weather-proof cover or enclosure. The manual call point has an almost similar mechanism as the pull station. However, in place of a lever, there is a plate that drops down when pushed leading to fire alarm activation.    

 Both versions of the manual activation devices are available in multiple safe versions and are extensively used to ensure the security of waste-water treatment plants, environments prone to explosions, nuclear plants, and likewise. 

Wrapping Up

Fire Alarm Code

On a concluding note, let’s check out the universal color-coding of both devices:

  • Red – Fire control. 
  • Orange – Smoke control.
  • Yellow – General evacuation, activation of suppression systems.
  • Green – Access control, Lift, and escalator control.
  • Purple or White – Other emergencies.   

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