• $950.00

Edwards 3-CPU3 - Central Processor Unit Module

The 3-CPU3 is the Central Processing Unit Module monitoring the status of all modules and providing the link for network communications. Although each local rail card contains their own microprocessor, the 3-CPU3 provides all inter-module communication and has the ability to download rail module operating parameters. Upon power up the 3-CPU3 automatically learns all local rail module attributes and locations. Site specific software is loaded into the 3-CPU3 which then downloads data to each local rail module. Firmware upgrades are also done from the 3-CPU3 eliminating the need to unplug chips on rail modules. Internal rail communications is accomplished in a broadcast protocol for fast response.

Mounting must be in the first two local rail spaces. Options for the 3-CPU3 include the addition of an LCD display and User Interface, RS-232 Communication Card, and RS-485 Series Network Communication Cards.

The 3-CPU3 is fully compatible with the 3-CPU and 3-CPU1 modules