Notifier NFS-320 (NEW)

Notifier NFS-320 (NEW)

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Fabricated for small applications, the Notifier NFS-320C belongs to the ONYX series of Notifier Fire Alarm Controls. It is an intuitive control panel that can establish fire protection in a few seconds. The control panel is versatile, owing to its compatibility with network configurations and stand-alone systems. 

The Notifier NFS-320 is available in a modular design, which simplifies the system planning process. It can be configured with a few devices for smaller applications or connected with several devices to fortify the fire security of a larger indoor space. You can modify the application and usability by incorporating additional peripheral equipment.

Specifications of Notifier NFS-320

  • Certified for seismic applications and is listed as ULC-S527-11. 
  • Used for marine applications when paired with compatible equipment. 
  • One isolated DCL of Style 4, 6, and 7. 
  • Up to 159 modules and 159 modules in every SLC. 
  • Maximum 318 devices.
  • Standard 80-character display.
  • High-speed network with up to 200 nodes.
  • Standard network up to 103 nodes. 
  • Up to 54 nodes when using DVC-EM for network paging. 
  • 0A power supply with four Class built NAC. 
  • Built-in Alarm, Trouble, Security, and Supervision relays. 
  • Optional universal 318-point DACT. 
  • 80-character remote annunciators.
  • Maximum 32 annunciators. 
  • EIA-485 annunciators with custom graphics. 
  • 80-column and 40-column printer interfaces. 
  • Auto Silence timer options. 
  • Automatic time control functions.
  • 18 – 200 AH battery charger compatible.    
  • Polls up to 318 devices in less than 2 seconds.
  • Activates up to 159 outputs within 5 seconds.
  • Manual sensitivity adjustments, up to 9 levels.
  • ONYX intelligent sensing algorithms distinguish between smoke and non-smoke signals.

Notifier NFS-320 Benefits

  • It is easy to install
  • The control panel enables a faster response time
  • It requires simple maintenance
  • It facilitates seamless usability

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