Notifier FDM-1A (NEW)

Notifier FDM-1A (NEW)

  • $70.00

Four different monitor modules are available for Notifier’s intelligent control panels for a variety of applications. Monitor modules supervise a circuit of dry-contact input devices, such as conventional heat detectors and pull stations, or monitor and power a circuit of two-wire smoke detectors (FZM-1(A)).

FDM-1(A) is a standard-sized dual monitor module that monitors and supervises two independent two-wire Style B (Class B) dry-contact initiating device circuits (IDCs) at two separate, consecutive addresses in intelligent, two-wire systems.

The FDM-1(A) Dual Monitor Module is intended for use in intelligent, two-wire systems. It provides two independent two-wire initiating device circuits (IDCs) at two separate, consecutive addresses. It is capable of monitoring normally open contact fire alarm and supervisory devices; or either normally open or normally closed security devices. The module has a single panel-controlled LED.

NOTE: The FDM-1(A) provides two Style B (Class B) IDC circuits ONLY. Style D (Class A) IDC circuits are NOT supported in any application.