Siemens TBM-2 Terminal Block Module (REFURBISHED)

Siemens TBM-2 Terminal Block Module (REFURBISHED)

  • $300.00

Model TBM-2 from Siemens ─ Fire Safety is an MXLV module that acts as the central connection point for audio functions which include audio and telephone-riser wiring. The Audio Control Module (Model ACM-1) communicates with other MXLV modules through Model TBM-2.

Model TBM-2 provides various screw terminal blocks and connectors for interface between internal and field wiring. Through the use of Model TBM-2, the number of connections and discrete internal wires are kept to a minimum, simplifying installation and system check out.

Audio risers may be connected in either Style Y (Class B) or Style Z (Class A) configuration. A telephone riser may be connected in a Style Y (Class B) configuration.

Model TBM-2 also provides a RCA-type jack for connection of an external audio source, and a RCA-type jack for connection to an external audio recording unit.

This recording jack is configurable to monitor either the microphone or telephone channels. When configured to monitor the microphone, it will become active whenever the microphone key-switch is pressed. When configured to monitor telephone traffic, it will become active whenever a telephone station is on line. A dry-contact output is available on Model TBM-2 to start a recording device.

Model TBM-2 mounts on provided studs in the upper right side of the Model MBR-2 enclosure back box.