Vesda VEA-040-A10

Vesda VEA-040-A10

  • $10,000.00

Vesda-E VEA VEA-040-A10 40-Tube Addressable Detector with 3.5" Touchscreen Display

The VESDA-E VEA-040-A10 is an aspirating smoke detector (ASD) that provides early warning of fire conditions by drawing air samples through a multi-hole addressable microbore tube air-sampling network.

The detector easily interfaces with fire warning and fire suppression release systems, and can be integrated into a building management system (BMS).

Key Features

  • The VEA-040-A10 detector contains the following features:
  • Pinpoint addressability with superior detection compared to spot detectors
  • 40 addressable microbore tubes with individual sampling points
  • Assured detection with end to end system integrity monitoring
  • Interruption-free business operation with centralized testing and maintenance
  • Single sampling point or single tube blockage detection
  • Automatic sampling point cleaning
  • Three sensitivity settings for the sampling points
  • Variable length capillary tubes, up to 100 m (328 ft)
  • Laser-based absolute smoke detection
  • Dual stage filtering and clean air barrier for optics protection
  • Reliable linear pump technology
  • LEDs for alarm and fault signalling
  • 3.5” colour touch screen for status review
  • Seven programmable relays
  • Two GPIs, monitored and unmonitored
  • PC software support
  • iVESDA app for system monitoring on mobile devices
  • IP 40 enclosure (not UL tested)
  • Easy mounting with steel support bracket
  • Field replaceable filter, smoke sensor module, pump and rotary valve
  • VESDAnet networking
  • Ethernet 100 base T
  • WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n
  • Local host-mode USB port
  • Easy cable termination access
  • Event Log (20,000 events)