Notifier DAX-5025 Amplifier (NEW)

Notifier DAX-5025 Amplifier (NEW)

  • $1,000.00

Digital Audio Amplifier, 50W 25V, 120 VAC

The DAX Series Amplifiers are multi-featured amplifiers that provide an economical alternative for applications that do not require all of the features of DAA2 or DAA Series Amplifiers. DAX amplifiers come in 35 watt and 50 watt models. The BDA Backup Digital Amplifier can be used with all DAX models to provide one-to-one amplifier backup.

Each DAX is capable of accessing and processing one of up to eight audio channels on the DVC audio loop, amplifying the signal, and distributing it via two Class B or one Class A output(s).

The DAX has two wire digital audio ports to connect to wire DAL segments. Either or both ports may be converted to fiber using DS-FM, DS-SFM or DS-RFM fiber option modules. Up to 32 devices, such as DAX amplifiers, can be connected to the DAL (digital audio loop) on one DVC Digital Voice Command unit.

DAX amplifiers may be mixed with DAA2 and DAA series amplifiers on the same DAL. DAX amplifiers can store backup alarm and trouble messages that can be activated in the event of loss of DAL communication.