Edwards 3-IDC8/4 (NEW)

Edwards 3-IDC8/4 (NEW)

  • $800.00

The 3-IDC 8/4 is ideal for retrofit projects where existing wiring, smoke detectors and signals may not need replacing.

Flexibility built right into the IDC module allows connection of normally open contact devices, and traditional 2 wire smoke detectors.

The 3-IDC 8/4 configures for use with N.O. contacts and supports supervised Supervisory and Monitor circuits with latching or non-latching operations. Use the monitor operation with the non-latching function and the circuit serves as a supervised event follower, efficiently covering critical fan and damper operations. Circuits will annunciate on the 3-LCD, control display modules or at any other display device on the network.

Up to 30 photoelectric or 50 ionization smoke detectors are supported per circuit. All circuits may be programmed for non-verified or verified smoke operation. The 3-IDC 8/4 incorporates software selectable impedance ranges for Input Circuit configurations, eliminating conventional smoke detector compatibility problems. Ranges include open circuit, shorted condition and high and low impedance (relative to the main impedance setting), allowing the use of various detectors of similar impedance and European alarm circuit operation.