Edwards 3-PPS/M Primary Power Supply (NEW)

Edwards 3-PPS/M Primary Power Supply (NEW)

  • $2,800.00

The Edwards 3-PPS/M - Primary Power Supply w/ local rail module 120V 50/60 Hz facilitates voltage regulation and battery charging for the fire alarm system. The charger is configured to 10-24 AH or 30-65 AH batteries, which control the high/low, charge rates.  The systems power supplies have two assemblies:

  • A high-efficiency switch mode power supply card
  • A power supply monitor module.

The monitor module is mounted to the local rail, distributing the power from its supply to the local rail. The local rail continues to distribute power from all the power supplies to other local rail modules and user interface cards leading to “Shared Power” throughout the fire alarm system.

The batteries and power supply are mounted on the same enclosure. The charge rate of the batteries can be monitored and modified as per the local enclosure temperature while keeping the charging rates according to the battery specifications. If the battery is remotely placed then a temperature probe is used to monitor the remote battery cabinet. The charge rates are adjusted automatically. The power supplies are mounted on the wall boxes or chassis units. Up to 4 power supplies combine in 1 enclosure providing up to 28 amps of available power. Each power supply produces up to 7 amps of regulated and filtered power.



Edwards 3-PPS/M Specifications

  • UL, ULC agency approvals
  • High-efficiency switch mode
  • 120 VAC (+10%, -15%), 50-60 Hz
  • 0A input current
  • Battery charging capacity - 65 AH Sealed Lead-Acid
  • 24 VDC low battery trouble
  • 5 VDC  deep discharge cut-off
  • Mounting requirements include 1 LRM space and 1 chassis footprint
  • 24 Vdc nominal output voltage
  • 28 AMPs in a single node
  • Enhanced efficiency of power distribution
  • 7 AMP regulated and filtered
  • Dual-rated battery charger
  • Two 3.5 AMP outputs
  • Automatic load testing of the batteries
  • Electronic power limiting

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