Edwards EST 3-BPS/M Booster Power Supply (REFURBISHED)

Edwards EST 3-BPS/M Booster Power Supply (REFURBISHED)

  • $1,400.00

The Edwards 3-BPS/M booster power supply belongs to the EST3 Multiplexed Fire Alarm System series. It provides additional power, over and above that of the 3-PPS/M version. It comprises a heat sink assembly along with a monitor module, which plugs into the rail while the heat sink assembly mounts onto the rail chassis.

According to the size of the cabinet, one can add up to three booster power supplies to make a total of 28 A for internal and external applications. Each booster power supply provides filtered and regulated power to the rail chassis modules as well as 24 VDC for operating ancillary equipment. It supervises its battery connection. However, it cannot charge the battery independently.

The booster power supply shares a 24 VDC electrical load of the panel. If there is a power supply failure, the system annunciates a trouble, where the panel load gets distributed amongst the remaining operational power sources. If the load exceeds the ability to supply power, the system will automatically switch to standby batteries.

The monitor module of the Edwards 3-BPS/M provides an interface between the panel and the booster power supply. It enables the needed data and power connections to work to and from the rail chassis.    

Edwards 3-BPS/M Specifications

  • Approximate weight is 5.00 lbs.
  • Fully approved UL, ULC, and EN standards.
  • Primary voltage is 120 VAC.
  • High-efficiency switch mode.
  • Increase in power distribution efficiency.
  • Up to 28 AMPs in a single node.
  • 7 AMP filtered and regulated.
  • Burnout level is 96 VAC.
  • Current requirements: Alarm 50mA, Standby 50mA
  • Input current is 3.0 A
  • 5 VDC deep discharge cutoff
  • Two 3.5 AMP outputs.
  • Electronic power limiting.
  • Automatic load testing of the batteries.
  • Dual-rated and temperature-compensated battery charger.

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