Notifier AA-100 Amplifier (NEW)

Notifier AA-100 Amplifier (NEW)

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The Notifier AA-100 Amplifier is used with the Notifier fire alarm system’s integrated voice evacuation systems. The AA Series is compatible with audio systems such as the AMG-1. The amplifier is compatible with DVC and legacy audio systems. It can be used for emergency communication, standard evacuation, and mass notification.

Specifications of Notifier AA-100 Amplifier

  • Dual outputs of up to 100 watts of 70.7 Vrms audio power (combined outputs not to exceed 100 watts).
  • Low-power standby mode for low battery drain.
  • Includes grouped or one-to-one backup amplifier switching bus.
  • Battery input and brownout switch-over control.
  • High-efficiency switched regulation.
  • Plug-in terminal strips and cable connectors for ease of installation.
  • 10-position level adjust and indicator LEDs.
  • Separate mounting chassis not required (integral chassis for mounting in a CAB-3/CAB-4 Series or EQ Cabinet Series enclosure).
  • Includes a built-in automatic backup tone generator (slow whoop or high/low).
  • Power-limited per UL requirements and NFPA as dictated by NEC Article 760.
  • 240 VAC option (AA-100E/AA-120E)

Notifier AA-100 Amplifier Benefits

The Notifier AA-100 Amplifier is defined by the following advantages:

  • It is flexible.
  • The amplifier has high-level audio distribution features, allowing it to amplify a message through the control output you wish for.
  • It has a seamless configuration that facilitates fast programming.
  • The amplifier is compatible with legacy audio systems and DVC.
  • It can be used in both retrofit and new applications.
  • If low-level input is lost, it generates automatic backup tones.

Installation of Notifier AA-100 Amplifier

The installation of the amplifier is quite easy.

  • It can be mounted on the cabinet backbox, directly.
  • You start by mounting the unit to the fire alarm system cabinet.
  • Then the primary (AC) and the secondary (24 VDC) are connected to the unit.
  • There is an external device like CHG-120 for battery charging.

Once you select the audio gain level and the backup tone, the amplifier is all set for use.

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