Notifier CPU2-640 (NEW)

Notifier CPU2-640 (NEW)

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The Notifier CPU2-640 is an intuitive modular Fire Alarm Control Panel from the brand’s ONYX® Series of Fire Alarm Controls. This product is compatible with every application requirement, be it in stand-alone or network configurations. Its modular design makes system planning easier. The panel can be either configured with a few devices for small building applications or networked with multiple devices to protect a large campus or a high-rise office block.

One has to only add additional peripheral equipment to suffice the application. There are a host of other options available, including;

  • Single- or multi-channel voice
  • Firefighter’s telephone
  • LED, LCD, or PC-based graphic annunciators
  • Networking
  • Advanced detection products for challenging environments
  • Wireless fire protection

You get a bunch of other additional options along with these.

Specifications of Notifier CPU2-640

  • Integral power supply along with battery charger
  • Alarm, Supervisory, and security relays
  • 4 standard NAC (Notification Appliance Circuits), Class A or B
  • Compatible with  Style 4,6, and 7 SLC loops
  • Offers support for 32 annunciator addresses and 10 special annunciator groups.
  • Alarm verification supervisory indication.
  • Intelligent Devices: 636 total devices; 159 detectors/159 modules per SLC.
  • 6 amps total system power.
  • Supervisory duct detectors.
  • Battery charger supports 18 to 200 amp hour sealed lead-acid batteries.
  • Auto program allows fast programming of new devices.
  • Diagnostic LED and switches.
  • Battery and battery charger supervision.
  • Compatible with Mass Notification System.  

Notifier CPU2-640 Benefits

  • It is a highly intuitive fire alarm system control panel.
  • The part has intelligent sensing with 9-levels of sensitivity, maintenance alert, drive compensation, and auto detector test.
  • 80-character display which can be programmed entirely.
  • It is marine approves, seismic certified, and compatible with mass notification.  

Installation of Notifier CPU2-640

Here are a few prep steps to install a Notifier CPU2-640:

  • Go through the installation precautions, including humidity and temperature limits mentioned in the manual.
  • Compliance with the local and National codes for fire alarm system wiring.
  • Avoid drawing the wiring into the lower 9 inches of the cabinet unless there is a use of the battery cabinet, because that is for installing the internal battery.

Steps to Install the Control Panel:

  • Mount the cabinet on the wall.
  • Install hinges and the chassis.
  • Install the control panel into the chassis.
  • Connect the AC wiring and place battering into the back box, but don’t connect them.
  • Run the cable to optional power supply points, NACs, DC power outputs, and relays.
  • Set up the backup alarm.
  • Secure the unused mounting holes into the circuit board of the control panel.
  • Wire the Signal Line Circuits.
  • Apply AC power to the control panel, placing the external circuit breaker in to the ON position.
  • Check the AC power.
  • Connect the batteries.
  • Program and field test the control panel.

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