Notifier DS-AMP (NEW)

Notifier DS-AMP (NEW)

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DS-AMP Digital Series Amplifier: Enhancing the DS-DB Digital Series System


The DS-AMP Digital Series Amplifier is an integral component of the DS-DB Digital Series system, designed to provide bulk amplification for the Digital Voice Command (DVC) system. It allows for the connection of up to four DS-AMP amplifiers to a single DS-DB unit, ensuring the delivery of high-level audio performance. Additionally, the system supports the integration of backup audio circuits through the addition of DS-BDA units or dedicated DS-AMP amplifiers.


  • High Audio Power Output: The DS-AMP offers 125 watts of audio power at 25VRMS, ensuring robust sound delivery for various applications.
  • Versatile Power Options: With an output of 100 watts at 70VRMS, the DS-AMP provides additional power capabilities. This configuration requires the separate purchase of a step-up transformer DS-XF70V.
  • Backup and Second Audio Channel Compatibility: The DS-AMP is designed to work seamlessly with a DS-BDA unit when used as a backup or a secondary audio channel. Note that a DS-BDA configured for 70VRMS operation in conjunction with a DS-AMP also necessitates the separate purchase of the DS-XF70V step-up transformer.
  • Advanced Communication Protocol: Incorporates EIA-485 communication standards for efficient integration and interaction with the DS-DB system.