Notifier LCD-160 (NEW)

Notifier LCD-160 (NEW)

  • $600.00

The LCD-160 Notifier is a 640-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) annunciator and remote control for the NOTIFIER NFS-3030/ NFS2-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP). The LCD-160 will mimic the top portion (160 characters) of the NFS-3030/ NFS2-3030’s 640-character display. This provides the event and preprogrammed custom messages as displayed on the main panel. The full screen contains soft key functions, and can display other panel information.

  • 640-character Liquid Crystal Display with backlit control.
  • On-board input, output, and status indicators to support diagnostics.
  • Software upgrades and foreign-languages character sets via serial port from a panel or other device using the Remote Data Port (RDP) interface. Upgrades do not require the replacement of any programmable devices.
  • Rubberized keypad.
  • Input for AKS-1B key switch.
  • Fits in two ACS annunciator module locations.
  • Display and Control Center (DCC) participation/indication.

Any communication between the control panel and any RDP device, such as the LCD-160, occurs over an RDP interface.

  • RDP interface communication is supervised by the FACP and the LCD-160.
  • RDP bus can drive up to 32 RDP devices. The FACP must be at one end of the bus; the last RDP device on the circuit must have an enabled end-of-line resistor.
  • Each LCD-160 on the bus requires a non-resettable 24 VDC power connection. The power circuit is inherently supervised and a loss of power registers as a communication failure at the control panel.
  • The LCD-160 can be powered by a regulated remote power supply listed for fire-protective signaling use. If the 24 VDC power comes from a non-power-limited source, it must remain separate from the power-limited RDP bus.