Notifier NFN-GW-EM-3 (NEW)

Notifier NFN-GW-EM-3 (NEW)

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The NFN (NOTI•FIRE•NET™) Gateway is an intelligent gateway interface for the ONYXWorks® fire monitoring workstation. This gateway facilitates complete monitoring and control of a NFN network. In addition, it supports full panel programming and network diagnostics. The embedded gateway is a standalone version and is equipped with IP capability thus enabling ONYX® Series users to monitor multiple sites over an Ethernet network without the need for remote workstations.


• Enables the ONYX Series workstation to monitor alarm, prealarm, trouble, disabled events, etc. for ONYX fire alarm control panels

• ONYXWorks supports up to 200 intelligent gateways

• Compatible with standard and high-speed NFN networks

• Adds acknowledge, silence, reset, enable/disable, and activate/ deactivate control capability to the workstation

• Supports fire alarm control panel programming upload/downloads and modifications

• Allows remote IP connections and increases scalability of network

• Supervised IP connections for remote workstations and gateways

• Multiple workstations can access the gateway at the same time

• Gateway redundancy for network survivability Specifications

• Power input: 24 VDC • Input current: 450 mA @ 24 VDC (without NCM).

• Operating temperature: 0°C to 49°C (32°F to 120°F).

• Direct connection to NFS2-640, NFS-320, and NFS2-3030 fire alarm control panels. NCM required for connection to NFN, and HS-NCM for connection to high-speed network. (See data sheets DN-6861 and DN-60454.)