How to Deal With an Old Fire Alarm System?

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Many people have a misconception that an old traditional fire alarm system is useless. They usually decide to make a quick replacement so as to attain optimum protection. But is it a good decision to replace these systems frequently? In this blog, let us learn how you can deal with an old fire alarm system. 


  1. Assess the risk of your existing fire alarm system: Your initial job should be to conduct a thorough risk assessment of your old and existing fire alarm system. You should determine whether the system is capable of detecting fire and sending signals to occupants. It is necessary to identify any deficiencies, if any, and improve them as required. For this job, you can look for a consultant and find out whether the system requires replacement or can be further reused. 


  1. Determine the age of your system: If you decide to replace, upgrade, or even reuse your existing fire alarm system, make sure you consider its age. An ideal fire alarm system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Of course, you need proper maintenance and in some cases replacement of parts to increase its longevity. For instance, smoke detectors can support the system for a maximum of 10 years. If your system fails to sense smoke, you should immediately replace this element to avoid false alarms and poor smoke detection. 


Replacing one or two parts is quite better than replacing the entire system, provided the fire alarm system has the potential to deliver quality results. Though you have limited options with a small and conventional fire alarm system, you can certainly extend the lifespan of the system.  


  1. Compare the price: Once you have determined the risk and considered the age of your system, it's time to check out the final factor - the price. It's not that installing refurbished fire alarm parts is always a cost-effective approach. In larger projects, reusing the existing system ultimately costs more than replacing the entire system and using new components, devices, and wiring. You should compare the price of all those elements that require replacement and make the right decision. 


Wrapping up


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